Caterina Cammino is an attractive and reclusive thirty-five-year-old woman whose nightly ritual is to go to the beach and drink wine from the bar of her car.  Though alcohol is her crutch and companion, it can’t erase the memory of the summer of 1988 when she lost her innocence--and awoke to a scream.
            Tyler Beck is an intellectually gifted eighteen-year-old loner who has an invisible, magical cord above his right shoulder; he is also a former junkie who was rehabilitated with the help of a counselor named Robie.  After Robie dies, however, a distraught Beck exits his friend’s funeral and seeks refuge at the beach—and in heroin.
            Their lives collide when Caterina’s car strikes a trashcan that crashes into the semi-conscious Beck.  When they both ask aloud for help, the grieving parts of themselves are transported to another dimension called 10-17.  Caterina arrives in this dimension as her seventeen-year-old self, Cat, and there she meets Beck, whom she nicknames Ty.  Once in this new world, set against a backdrop of Italy, they meet a Watcher named Miranda who tells them that they are in 10-17 for healing, even while their parallel lives are continuing on Earth, also known as Dimension 10-71.  Miranda explains that dimensions are spaced like slats on a window blind; she also tells the teenagers about a place called Thare, an Earth-like existence, but without suffering or addiction. 
            While Beck readily embraces his love for the mature Caterina, she is conflicted over her feelings for a man half her age.   Meanwhile, in Dimension 10-17, as Cat and Ty complete their lesson, they are torn over the choice that Miranda offers them: To go to the “perfect” world of Thare and leave the Earth and their families behind, or to return wholly to their Earthly selves...

ForeWord Press Review